• Exploration venture agreement with Holbrook Basin Energy LLC of Golden, CO
  • Located in “Four Corners” area where the States of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet
  • Helium productive Holbrook Basin where concentrations of the gas are as high as 10%.
  • Arizona is known in the industry as “the Saudi Arabia of helium”
  • Holbrook Basin Energy has developed a compelling exploration play and target land identification is underway.

Significant production and shows of Helium in North Eastern Arizona

Basin structural cross section modified after Rauzi and Fellows (2003)

Modified after Rauzi and Fellows (2003)

Unlocking Value

Multiple scenarios for the development & commercialization of our projects to ensure maximum value extraction for shareholders

Feed Gas to Producer

Selling feed gas to a major industrial gas company that would build-own-operate a liquid helium plant(s)

Production Joint-venture

Forming a JV with one of the major industrial gas companies to build-own-operate the plant(s) and sell the liquid helium output


Sale of the entire project(s) to an industrial gas company or strategic gas user seeking access to long-term helium resource

Production Development

Construct liquid helium plant(s) ourselves and sell bulk liquid helium to major industrial gas companies via long-term off take, or long-term helium supply


Market Opportunity

Declining supply – growing demand New technologies driving opportunity

Diverse Project Mix

Located in prolific and historic helium districts

Experienced Team

Industry professionals with a track record of success in the resource sector

American Helium Has A Clear Path To Redrill Proven Gas Producing Wells Containing Commercial He And Develop Exploration Drill Prospects