• 12 BLM leases totaling 17,767.04 acres in Carbon County, Utah
  • 100% Working Interest (WI)
  • 87.55% Net Revenue Interest (NRI)
  • Leases are in effect until 1/31/2025
  • Located in close proximity to key infrastructure for separating helium from other gases located in Carbon County, Utah
  • NI 43-101 Report by Gustavson Associates notes commercial quantities of Helium
  • Exploration plan to delineate commercial opportunity

Unrisked Prospective Recoverable Resources

Grade-A Helium: +$200 USD per 1MCF

Low Estimate (P90) Best Estimate (P50) High Estimate (P10)
Prospective Helium Resources* 4.11 BCF 7.85 BCF 13.63 BCF

*This data is based on historic well logs and seismic data. Advances in well integrity and seismic technology could increase these figures drastically

Exploration & Development Budget

Additional 2D Seismic Surveys (55-miles)

Reprocess and evaluate potential locations for drill targets with the option to acquire further seismic, both public or conduct new seismic surveys

Engage Drilling Contractor

Engage predefined drilling contractor and plan logistics for drilling target(s)

Regulatory Permits And Surveys

Environmental and social permits for proposed drilling location(s); Application for drilling permits

Drilling, Testing And Analysis Of (9,500ft)

Drill to deepest known producing horizon; Analysis and testing of commercial viability of well(s) for production and further drilling targets

Unlocking Value

Multiple scenarios for the development & commercialization of the bruin point project to ensure maximum value extraction for shareholders

Feed Gas to Producer

Selling feed gas to a major industrial gas company that would build-own-operate a liquid helium plant(s)

Production Joint-venture

Forming a JV with one of the major industrial gas companies to build-own-operate the plant(s) and sell the liquid helium output


Sale of the entire project(s) to an industrial gas company or strategic gas user seeking access to long-term helium resource

Production Development

Construct liquid helium plant(s) ourselves and sell bulk liquid helium to major industrial gas companies via long-term off take, or long-term helium supply


Market Opportunity

Declining supply – growing demand New technologies driving opportunity

Prime Location

Located in prolific helium generating basin and close to key infrastructure

Experienced Team

Industry professionals with a track record of success in the resource sector

American Helium, A Clear Opportunity