American Helium is a resource exploration company focused on the global growth of technology-driven demand for helium in North America. 

The company is led by a very experienced management and technical team and has a diverse range of projects in prolific areas for Helium exploration.

The company has executed a project agreement with Yankee Resources LLC of Golden, CO and has appointed LoneTree Energy & Associates LLC to acquire certain acreage in SE Colorado. The project consists of two parts. The first objective is to re-drill two wells that have proven helium resources. Both were plugged and abandoned in the mid-nineties, offering the potential for near term production. The second part of the project will offer an exploration focus through the acquisition of up to 14,000 acres of land a shoot a 3D seismic survey of some 28 square miles to mature prospects in the Upper Morrow formation where helium content of 4 to 5% is expected.  The seismic survey is planned for late 2018 and can be carried out after the harvest season and in parallel with the re-entry or re-drill of the two wells.

The company has also executed an agreement with Holbrook Basin Energy LLC of Golden, CO to undertake an exploration program in Arizona. The Arizona project location is in the “Four Corners” area where the States of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet, and in the helium productive Holbrook Basin, a well-established helium production district where concentrations of the gas are as high as 10%. The area has good potential for additional discovery and production. The abundant nature of the region has led to anecdotal statements over the years that “Arizona is the Saudi Arabia of helium.” Holbrook Basin Energy has developed a compelling exploration play and target land identification is underway.

The company holds 100 percent working interest and 87.5 percent net revenue interest in 12 federal leases at its Bruin Point property spanning across 17,000 acres in the Greater Uintah Basin, Carbon County, Utah.

Evaluation is ongoing to determine potential additional acquisitions in regions that are known for their helium production.

Highly Favourable Supply/ Demand Fundamentals

  • Uncertainty of supply and supply disruptions – US Federal Reserve closes 2021 (~13% of FY 2016 global supply)
  • Cannot be substituted, strong medical & high-tech demand – price has doubled since 2010
  • Qatar blockade impacting global helium supply – RasGas (Qatar) shut both its helium plants – equivalent to 32% of global demand

Diverse Range of Helium Projects

  • Project agreement with Yankee Resources LLC in SE Colorado
  • Project agreement with Holbrook Basin Energy LLC in the “Four Corners” area of Arizona
  • 100% working interest and 87.5% interest in 17,OOO acres in the Greater Uintah Basin, Carbon County, Utah

Highly Experienced Team

  • Industry renowned helium geologists and technical team
  • Focused management professionals with a track record of success in the resource space

Path Route To Production

  • Focused development plan to commercialize asset
  • The Company is actively seeking the capital necessary to implement the drill program

*Source: Gustavson Associates NI 53 -101 Report on Bruin Point Assets

American Helium’s Leadership

American Helium is led by a highly skilled leadership team with a proven track record of successfully developing and managing resources.